This bride had McDonald’s on her wedding day because she wanted to, that’s why

Antoinette Sullivan got married in England last Thursday and then decided to hit up McDonald’s for a burger, fries and mozzarella sticks. In her wedding dress, you guys!

First of all, solid choice with the mozzarella sticks, Antoinette. Those are my fave. Also, I can only imagine the unparalleled joy of all the other McDonald’s patrons that afternoon. I love seeing brides out and about in their wedding gowns. It just puts an instant smile on my face. (I think the entire world should be like Las Vegas. Brides and wedding parties everywhere you turn.) But yes, after I snapped a selfie with the bride and her Big Mac (obviously), I’d be a little curious about the circumstances.

It turns out Antoinette was free to dash off to McDonalds with her kids and her besties right after the ceremony because her brand new husband, Miles, was paintballing with his groomsmen. Miles and Antoinette planned their wedding on short notice, and his friends didn’t have a much of a chance to plan a bachelor party. So once the vows were exchanged, they kidnapped him for a post-wedding, paintballing “stag do” (as the Brits say).

Because Miles is a stand-up guy, he of course asked Antoinette if she was cool with his being kidnapped. He told The Mirror, “I asked Antoinette first of course but she was great about it. We’re like that as a couple. I love her to bits. I must have the best wife in the world to let me leave her in her dress and go off on my stag do.”

She was more than glad to let him go. After her wedding diet and the excitement of getting married, she was downright HANGRY, guys. “At first I thought he was joking but then I just said, ‘go and have fun.’ To be honest, I was relieved because I was starving and didn’t want some poncy wedding day anyway,” she said. “We laughed about it, but my friends said I should have gone mad. But I don’t care — it was a great day and I’d been craving junk food after months of dieting…We just wanted to do it in our own way and for ourselves. We are not traditionalists.”

Nope, they don’t sound much like traditionalists. But they do sound like fun. A LOT of fun, actually. After being shot up with paint pellets and noshing at McDonald’s, Miles and Antoinette hosted a big party for their friends later that evening. Honestly, the entire day sounds pretty amazing. (We’d like to hang out with these newlyweds. For real.) We’re all for couples celebrating their wedding exactly the way they want to. That’s how it should be, shouldn’t it?

As for her burger, Antoinette says it was the best she’s ever eaten. (Never ending hamburger emojis!) Go, girl.

[Images via Twitter.]

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