This bride and groom had no idea they took the perfect wedding photo

Remember that gorgeous wedding photo that one man took of a mystery couple — so gorgeous, in fact, that he went on a social media hunt to track down the couple and give them the shot himself? Social media is being super cute in the name of love AGAIN, guys, and this time, the photo is even MORE stunning. A bride and groom were all alone on a dock, with one side of the sky covered in deep blue-and-gray stormy clouds, the other glowing brightly during a vividly orange sunset. Sydney photographer Sam Yeldham was shooting a time lapse sequence in an attempt to capture a big storm rolling over the city. Standing in the distance, Sam wasn’t there to shoot a wedding, but when he saw such a special moment between the couple he had to capture it.

“Right before sunset, a very newly wed coupled approached with their wedding photographer,” Sam told BuzzFeed. “It was consistently drizzling so they were debating whether or not to take their wedding photographs out in the open. The bride was wearing a pretty long, flowing gown and was trying to prevent it from getting wet, her husband was trying to help her and combat the epic wind that was throwing the dress around.”

The result was a stunning image of the couple that they never even knew they posed for:

The timing of the shot was “ridiculous” in terms of luck, Sam told BuzzFeed. “The rain stopped just as the sun was hitting the bridge and was only clear for fifteen minutes or so. . . the couple walked out over the platform and probably managed to get into one good pose before the wind and weather threatened to ruin the shoot.”

Sam wanted to run over to the couple and show them the shot, but he felt uncomfortable.”I’m pretty new at this and I didn’t want to just go up to someone and say ‘hey, here’s my work, do you want it?’ It seemed a bit forward,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

However, luckily, Sam had social media. When he posted the shot to Instagram, it went viral, and BuzzFeed contacted him. “I told BuzzFeed that I’d really like to find out who they are, and it turns out that is a very simple way of doing it,” Sam told the Herald.

Within three hours, the groom, Chris Galvin, contacted him via Instagram: “You can call off the search! This is me and my wife. . . What a great photo! Thank you so much for reaching out.”

The two contacted each other via e-mail. “I apologised profusely for posting the photo online, and for it going nuts, but they seemed really happy and a little bit chuffed, I think,” Chris told the Herald. And it turns out he was right! “We were fine with the attention,” Chris told the Herald. “It’s pretty funny. This will probably never happen to us again, so we’re happy for people to see this pretty great photo.”

The bride, Jessica, is also thrilled to have some more stellar photographs, though she loved the shots taken by her wedding photographer, Liv Corbett. “We had such a great wedding day and getting all the lovely messages about the photo has just topped it off,” she told the Herald. “I did sacrifice a lot of my dress to stand in the mud and the water but it was totally worth it to see the photos we ended up with.”

Is there really anything better than an entire online community coming together to give a loving couple the wedding photo of their dreams? Oh, Internet, how we love you — and how we love love.

(Images via Instagram.)


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