What Your Bridal Hairstyle Says About You

My absolute favorite thing to do as a hairdresser is to style hair. There is something about starting with an everyday look and molding and shaping those tresses into a new, fabulous style that just invigorates me. Whether I’m creating soft curls, a braided crown or a sophisticated sew-up, I just love the transformation and the excitement of creating a style for a special night out or a wedding.

One of the elements that always interests me in creating a bridal style is hearing and seeing what the bride desires. That first time we meet at her trial run appointment and sit down to discuss how she truly envisions herself looking on the big day is so telling. I ask her tons of questions regarding her dress, the theme of the wedding, what her hair looks like on a normal day and what her veil looks like. But most importantly, I want to know how she’s always imagined herself looking and feeling while she walks down the aisle. Typically, I know within two minutes of speaking to my bride what direction she’ll want to go with her hairstyle.

So based on what I’ve learned about brides and given that we are approaching yet another amazing wedding season, I’m going to spell out what each hairstyle says about the bride that wears it. Send it to your girlfriend getting married this summer or save it for yourself, but let this serve as a starting point in choosing your best look for the *most important* day!

Long, Loose Cascading Waves

As seen on: Lauren Conrad, Giuliana Rancic

This bride is casual and easygoing. She appreciates simplicity and her wedding will feel more like a party than a formal affair. She sets the tone with her hair by rocking a more everyday look that she feels very comfortable in. This bride might mix it up by adding a flower above the ear or a very simple tiara, but overall, she wants to feel and look like herself.

Why it works: Because it’s your everyday look and you feel comfortable in it.

Romantic Upsweep

As seen on: Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lawrence

This bride is unique and romantic and tends to love hairstyles that reflect that. She chooses to wear her hair up, which shows she wants to feel a bit more formal than how she does every day. However, she still wants the upstyle to be loose and fun. This bride is open to accents like braids or maybe pushing the style to the side. But she absolutely needs to keep some comfortable elements such as her signature sideswept fringe or some wispy pieces left out around her hairline.

Why it works: Because you’ll feel on trend and bridal, but with your signature look.

Sophisticated Chignon

As seen on: Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham

This bride is all glamour and class. Everyone will be expecting her to wear a structured hairstyle because it’s simply who she is. In everyday life, this bride carries herself very well with confidence and assurance and often that can be mistaken for snobbery. But she is the classiest, showing politeness and a smile in her interactions. She is typically more “fashionable” than “trendy”, having always had an eye for detail and a timeless quality.

Why it works: Because it’s your mirrored image: beautiful, structured and no extra fluff.

Vintage Flair

As seen on: Taylor Swift, Zooey Deschanel

This bride is trendy and not shy about doing something out of the norm. And what better way than in a style that’s already been done well? This bride is typically sweet with an overall vintage theme regarding what she tends to wear. Think feminine shapes, high-waisted dresses and skirts and a touch of bling or lace. She loves to incorporate playful elements with her clothing, makeup and hairstyles, but she is probably known for one signature thing that never goes out of style: a red lip and/or a great bang. And on her big day, she wants to feel sexy, sophisticated and fun: the very best of everything vintage.

Why it works: Because you love a look that never goes out of style.

Classic Ponytail

As seen on: Carrie Underwood, Jessica Biel

This is our country girl! She loves low-maintenance, easygoing styles and while she loves rocking a casual look like our long loose, waved bride, she is much more of a tomboy. She favors looks that are super comfortable and easy, but still a step up from her everyday look. Hence, the pretty pony. High, tight and straight for more of a fashion-forward look or lower, curled and draped across the shoulder to one side for a classic, Americana look. She can really rock either and feel confident, beautiful and look just like a more done up version of herself!

Why it works: Because your groom will recognize you and find you completely stunning.

Images via ShutterStock & Tumblr