This brick wall optical illusion is driving us totally insane today

We are ~obsessed~ with this brick wall optical illusion today. Someone come tear us away from our laptop screens!

Arron Bevin of Manchester, England initially posted this optical illusion on Facebook a few months back, CNET reported, and it keeps reappearing on the interwebs.

As of this writing, his post has over 83,000 reactions and has been shared almost 60,000 times — and that’s not counting everyone else who’s shared it, you know?

However, Slate reported that the illusion hit the Internet back in 2014, before Bevin posted it this year.

So the question is: Do you see it?!

We’ll give you a few minutes to stare it down and figure it out.

Meanwhile, people on Twitter have been trying to, as well.

And some people had more trouble than others.

We’ll give you a hint: Try looking at the image in a different way.

As Bevin stated on Facebook:

Just look at what you originally looked at straight away.

And once you get it, you get it — good luck seeing it the same way ever again.

ICYMI, we’ve written about optical illusions before, like when we challenged you to stare at this cross.

And of course, none of us can forget the whole “What color is this dress?!” debacle that took over social media for way too long. Was it blue and black or white and gold?!

But our new favorite is the brick wall.

Have you figured it out yet?! (Crazy, right?!)