All the reasons why Brenda Walsh was SO much better than Brandon Walsh

Brenda Walsh and Brandon Walsh were double trouble. With these twins from Minnesota came a LOT of drama on Beverly Hills, 90210, but let’s face it that show was all about the drama. Brenda brought Brandon everywhere with her, and she kind of forced him out of his comfort zone, which lead to trouble on both of their parts. Despite being the show’s two lead characters, Brandon somehow got all the love, but not anymore: I’m here to declare that Brenda was the better twin!

Yep, I said it, she was better and I have proof. Technically Brenda was angry, mean and kind of harsh, but she was true to herself and didn’t annoy me half as much as her twin brother did. Brandon was SO freaking needy and he was such a martyr — and that’s why Brenda was actually better when it really came down to it. Don’t believe me? Keep reading and you’ll probably change your mind. If not, that’s fine too, but I’m totally team Brenda.


Brenda was an individual. She might’ve been a twin, but she stood alone. She was completely unique and it was awesome.

She managed to land the hottest guy in school. Whether you loved him or hated him, you have to admit that Dylan McKay was a total hottie (ah, I go weak in the knees just thinking about him). Although Brandon dated some gorgeous girls, including Kelly Taylor, he never really seemed to win the relationship battle.


She was completely honest. Sometimes Brenda was a little too honest, but at least she was real. Brandon was so freaking wishy-washy. He never wanted to hurt people’s feelings, which led to him be miserable and alone a lot of the time.

Living on the edge. Sure Brenda’s wild side got her into a lot of trouble, but at least she took chances and had fun. Looking back she shouldn’t have gone to Mexico and then got stuck there, but hey, she was a teenager and teenagers don’t usually think everything through.


Fashion, fashion, fashion. Brenda killed it in the fashion game. She looked good everywhere she went. It was grunge meets Beverly Hills, meets everything you loved about ’90s fashion.

Her passions lead her to bigger and better things. Brenda got out of their small town, while her brother was stuck living in his parents’ house for like, ever. Obviously, it was necessary for the show to stay on the air, but it was still pretty dumb that he never freaked out about not doing anything big or bold.


She paid the price for her mistakes. When did Brandon ever really get into trouble? Ya, I can’t remember a time when he was punished except maybe when he had to pay to get a new car. Brenda on the other hand was always paying for the mistakes she made. We all make mistakes, but at least she owned up to them and grew up… well, sort of.

Brandon always seemed to settle. Brenda never seemed to give up on her dreams of being an actress, while Brandon stayed in Beverly Hills because he thought it was right or safe, instead of moving and becoming a major journalist in another state.


Living the dream and studying abroad. Alright, Brenda’s trip was a reward and a bribe not to see Dylan, which sucked, but at least she really got into it. Technically, she got too into it, but Dylan was at home cheating on her, so it was fine that she had a cute college guy that was into her, right? Maybe not, but at least it was entertaining to watch unfold.

Double standard. Even though Brenda slept with Dylan and it was scandelous in the Walsh household, Brandon was actually the slutty one. He had like a million girlfriends, but no one even questioned his motives with any of them? So not cool.


Brenda let herself love. Yes, she got her heart broken with the Dylan and Kelly scandal, but she at least let herself be loved in the first place. Brandon was totally closed off, which made him annoying. Sorry, but the truth hurts.

She was angsty, but it gave her character more pizzaz. We know what you’re thinking, Brenda was a bitch, but isn’t that why you loved her? She was so hardcore and angry all the time, which can happen in real life. Brandon on the other hand was too perfect and it was unrealistic.


Technically Brenda landed all of the cool kids as her friends and then brought Brandon along. Brandon might’ve come off as being more popular in the end, but Brenda is the one who put herself out there and drug her twin bro along with her. He has her to thank for fitting in at all.

Brandon was a serious Debbie Downer. He was a total fun-sucker. He rarely had fun even though he was popular, cool and had access to a lot of great things growing up. He never took advantage of his awesome surroundings. Brenda on the other hand was usually the life of the party, or its drama queen — but either way she was more entertaining.


He NEVER relaxed. While Brandon was working all the time (yes, it is good to work and be responsible, but ugh), Brenda was enjoying being a teenager, which you only get to do once. Plus, she did end up working, so again she wins.

Brenda was a serious fighter, while Brandon gave into peer pressure. No one could make Brenda do something she didn’t want to do and that’s admirable. That wasn’t the case for Brandon, who seemed to do anything it took to get into a girl’s pants, like drugs and lying and so much more.


Cancer champ. We wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but out of all the characters on the show, Brenda seemed like the one who could’ve handled potentially having cancer. She was a real trooper and luckily didn’t have cancer in the end.

When push came to shove, Brenda was loyal to a fault. Brandon was ridiculously loyal as well, but he went back on his own personal morals a few times, which was irksome. Plus, even after Dylan cheated on her with her BFF Kelly, she eventually tried to remain friends with both of them, which is very loyal in my book.


Brenda and Brandon were not my personal faves on Beverly Hills, 90210, but if I had to pick one of the twins, I’d always go with Brenda. She was SO dramatic, complicated and way more interesting to watch. Brandon was a total bore. Sorry Brando fans, but I’m team Brenda all the way.