This woman is sharing her mastectomy scars on social media to inspire others

Meghan Franz was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26. Since then, she’s been documenting her incredible journey via Instagram, other social media accounts, and her blog.

To put that into some perspective, at the of 20, women have a .06 percent chance (or 1 in 1,732 women) of developing invasive breast cancer. However, by the age of 30, that number jumps to .44 percent (or 1 in 228).

After several doctors visits, and a weekend “full of tears”, Franz decided to turn her life-changing news into an opportunity to help other women like her. She told Self“I just decided to love life and help other girls.”

Franz continued, “Normally people come up with little slogans when they’re diagnosed, and I really wanted my slogan to not be personal to me, but for other girls to use it in my same situation.”

And what was the slogan? “Sparkle on.”

Although the majority of Instagram viewers have been supportive of Franz’s posts, she also received some negative comments [because, as we know, haters gonna hate].

Closer detail:


Rather than attack the trolls back, Franz took the high road and wrote in her comments, “To all you women and men out there battling, surviving, and defeated by any illness… No matter what people say about you, continue to sparkle on.”


As Franz continues to help other women, she also continues her own journey to recovery. According to Self, Franz got the good news on April 19th, 2016 that her surgery successfully removed the cancerous tumor and that she will undergo radiation therapy in June.

She commented, “There’s still more for the journey, but the end is getting near, that’s the most exciting part.”

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