10 things you should never, ever do the first day after a breakup

Nothing aches quite like a broken heart. After a breakup, that heart of yours is like any other injury, and it needs to be nursed back to health with patience and self-love. You should do whatever the eff you wanna do, but there *are* a few things you should try to avoid doing the day after a breakup at all costs to save yourself even more pain. Because you deserve happiness, you lovely human being!

So, the day after your breakup, please don’t:



Maybe you miss him or her. Maybe it’s weird to not text someone “good morning” and “good night.” But trust us, PUT THAT PHONE DOWN. Or throw it, or smash it, but whatever you, don’t even think about texting them. (OK, you can *think* about it, because you’re only human.)

2. Give a presentation at work.


Who wants to accidentally burst into noisy tears for (seemingly) no reason in front of all your coworkers? No one does.

3. Go on a date.


Unless it’s a friends date in which you can vent and/or cry and/or throw something.

4. Go emotional grocery shopping.


Suddenly you’re out $150 and your kitchen is filled with waffles and Nutella and there’s not a vegetable to be seen.

5. Wear mascara that’s not waterproof.


You have enough things to worry about. Your mascara doesn’t have to be another one.

6. Write a mean Facebook post about your ex.


Save it for your BFFs, because you’ll just regret it later.

7. Call another ex.


Right now, that’d just be bad news. Wait until your head is clear if you want to consider giving another ex a shot.

8. Try to dye your own hair.


Getting your hair changed drastically after a breakup is a great and cathartic feeling, but botched hair will just make all your emotions worse. Treat yourself and go to a stylist!

9. Delete every single photo of him or her off your phone/social media/life.


Those memories may seem tainted now, but you could look fondly on them later on. Don’t get rid of them in the heat of the moment — but feel free to unfriend the hell outta them for now.

10. Expect yourself to be OK.


Above all, feel what you want to feel and do what you need to be happy. This is a time of healing and self-exploration. You’ll be just fine soon, so be easy on yourself! <3

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