This woman lost “200 lbs. overnight” by dumping her boyfriend, and you have to see the breakup photo

There are myriad diet fads out there asking us to eat more of one thing or less of another to get the “beach bod” we’ve “always wanted.” Most of the time, these diets are lacking and not legit, but every once in a while, one comes along that stops us in our tracks. Our latest, greatest favorite comes from Twitter user @Mandy_Rose99, who goes by Miranda. In a breakup photo tweet that has since gone viral, Miranda explains how she lost “200 lbs overnight” by simply dumping her boyfriend. All it takes is standing up for yourself when someone insults you.

In her tweet, Miranda says,

"after getting called disgusting last night, i successfully dropped 200lbs!! (Before and after pics)."

We see two photos; the left one shows Miranda with her arms around a man, and in the photo on the right we see a cropped photo of Miranda by herself. As a result, she’s two hundred pounds lighter because she no longer has a man weighing her down! Of course, the internet reacted to this tweet, but mostly with positive feedback.

Although we don’t know the relationship status of the person in Miranda’s photo, we do know he’s canceled for calling her disgusting. false

Are we shocked this has over 65,000 retweets and 450,000 favorites? Not at all. This is the content the internet lives for.

If someone calls you disgusting, they’re probably not worth your time or energy. Take a cue from Miranda and let that ish go.

This is one diet trend we can get behind.