Breakup cakes are a thing and you can buy them at this Whole Foods

Breakups may be messy, but they can also be delicious. That is, if you pick up a breakup cake from this Whole Foods in Brookline, Massachusetts. Twitter user Abbie Ruzicka noticed the cakes while shopping in the supermarket just after Valentine’s Day, sharing a picture that’s perfect for the broken-hearted soul with a sweet tooth.

Eater reached out to the store and found that the cakes were a fun idea cooked up by one of the managers. “I think my manager said, ‘Let’s just make a few of these as a joke and then see what happens,’” an employee said.

The cakes themselves come in both vanilla and chocolate, and are around $5.99. While these specific cakes are only available at the Brookline Whole Foods, bakers at other locations have said that they’d happily recreate the cake if shown a photo of the original.

While some people might believe there’s no “good” way to break up with someone, this is probably the best worst option. Mmmm.