Breaking Up with Ryan Gosling

I, like everyone else on the planet, have joined the Ryan Gosling Appreciation Society. Let’s face it, he is the perfect man. From head to toe, a feast for the eyes with his slick hair and flawless fashion sense. But of course not just visually; this man can act and sing, he’s funny and adorable- he says all the right things… It is one thing falling head over heels with his characters e.g. Dean in Blue Valentine, but as a real person he is everything a girl wants, encompassed into one man with a dazzling bod.

Unfortunately, this appreciation comes at a cost. I believe I have driven my actual boyfriend into a spiral of despair. The other day I cut his hair like Ryan Gosling, the following day he trimmed his beard to match, his suit choice is also an uncanny resemblance. It appears my long talks on how Ryan Gosling is so perfect and my ooing and ahhing at endless pictures of him has lead my boyfriend into doing the only thing he thought was right, turning into Gosling himself

Now, my boy does resemble Ryan Gosling, facially anyway (what a catch), but I feel like he has entered extremes due to me saying everything but ‘Why can’t you just be Ryan Gosling’. It was at this point I decided that I had to break up with Gosling. Although I will always admire his films and watch ever so intently (particularly in famous shirtless scene of Crazy Stupid Love) it has to come to an end. And ladies it does, all the poor men in the world are becoming deeply affected by this pandemic, fearing our extremely high standards of being multi-talented suit-wearing perfectly formed Ryan Gosling look-a-likes. So remember to create a distance between you and the man of your dreams, he will never be attainable, after all we are not Eva Mendes, and appreciate what we do have, because they are really real, as in we can touch them without being pushed to the floor by a security guard and they know we exist which is always helpful. Anyway, let’s be honest, if there were more than one Ryan Gosling in the world we just wouldn’t like him as much. Some advice (Step One of the break up); if you need to express your love for Gosling express it to other women – not your boyfriend.

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