BREAKING NEWS – Harry Styles has just announced his debut album, and it comes out next month

Elusive chanteur and former member of One Direction, Harry Styles, has just announced his debut album and WE’RE OFFICIALLY FREAKING OUT.

It’s barely been a week since Harry Styles released his incredible debut solo single onto the world. The British singer shared the track, titled “Sign Of The Times,” last Friday (April 7th), and the song rocketed to number one on the iTunes charts all over the world.

Styles was also spotted filming the video for the track, with pictures emerging of him flying through the air. Of course, this being the internet, this quickly became a meme, and rightly so, tbh.

Well, things are about to get EVEN MORE EXCITING, as Harry Styles has just announced his debut album and it’s out next month.

The enigmatic singer shared what appears to be the title, tracklist, cover art, AND release date for the collection, so here’s what we know!

The album is to be called Harry Styles (nice), and will be released on May 12th. YEP – IN EXACTLY A MONTH.

The singer also shared the tracklist for the record, and we’re pretty intrigued by some of these song titles. See the track list below.

  1. “Meet Me In The Hallway”
  2. “Sign Of The Times”
  3. “Carolina”
  4. “Two Ghosts”
  5. “Sweet Creature”
  6. “Only Angel”
  7. “Kiwi”
  8. “Ever Since New York”
  9. “Woman”
  10. “From The Dining Table”

See the announcement below.

It was reported by music industry website HITS Daily Double that, for his solo LP, Harry Styles had been inspired by “the regal high-water mark of ’70s British rock,” with the website claiming that both David Bowie and Queen were some of the main influences. It makes sense, then, that while listening to “Sign Of The Times” it’s clear that Harry Styles is wearing these influences on this sleeves with the Bowie-esque piano and Queen-like drums. false

With just a month to go, then, it’s safe to say that we’re SUPER excited for the release Harry Styles’ solo album on May 12th. What’s more, the singer is set to perform his new single “Sign Of The Times” live for the first time on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

“Sign Of The Times” is out now. Harry Styles is set for release on May 12th.

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