This woman is breaking through the male-dominated nightlife scene

Even if you aren’t a night owl who finds yourself drawn to the nightlife scene, you’ve likely seen that movies and TV shows rarely depict female music promoters. That’s exactly what makes Becks Lange a light in the darkness. Hailing from Venezuela, she’s a music promoter who has made her mark in Miami.

If you find yourself anxious or afraid to approach the nightlife scene, Becks is looking to change that. The promoter herself cannot be labelled or contained, and aims to create lineups for the party-goers who feel the same.

According to her press release, Becks’s shows offer attendees “a sense of just being at home.” If you were able to attend her two events during December’s Art Basel — featuring DJs like Black Madonna and artists like Yelena Flipchuk — you likely experienced just that.

To see what we mean, you can check out the promoter’s episode of “Inspire the Night,” which gives you a good look at Beck’s kind of nightlife scene:

To keep up with Becks and her amazing projects, you can follow her on Instagram. And check out the rest of the “Inspire the Night” series here.

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