This is what it’s like to have breakfast with NPH’s family. Spoiler: It’s awesome

It’s no secret that the Harris-Burtka family is a-maz-ing. From totally nailing Halloween costumes year after year to being generally one of the cutest, warmest, most awesome celebrity families we can think of, Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, and twins Gideon and Harper gives us serious goals. And yesterday, NPH himself gave us a glimpse at what breakfast is like with such a cool family!

NPH shared a video of the kids having something to eat before heading to school. Not surprisingly, the two are adorable. Gideon treats us to the Star Wars theme song, while Harper sings both a song from Singing in the Rain and a song of her own writing about My Little Pony. This is way better than coffee, people.

(Image via Facebook)