Breakfast For Every Meal: National Eggs Benedict Day!

There is a breakfast place in my hometown (good ol’ Seattle) called Portage Bay Cafe. I think you should all finish reading this and then get there as soon as possible like I know you guys probably think you have really great eggs benedict wherever you are, but nothing comes close to the deliciousness of The Classic Benedict with sockeye salmon, and since I am in Washington state, our salmon is better than your salmon. 

Okay, I’ll stop bragging now, but seriously, can you come here and try them soon? I’ll go with you, it will be so much fun.

So that rant is stemming from the fact that today is National Eggs Benedict Day! Are you happy? How will you celebrate? By having eggs benedict for every meal? Okay, me too.

Types of eggs benedict:

  • Traditonal Eggs Benedict (that’s with ham) 
  • Salmon Benedict
  • California Benedict (turkey and avocado, duh)
  • Dungeness Benedict (crab)
  • Veggie Benedict (like just tons of vegetables, still delicious)
  • Shrimp Benedict 
  • Onion Benedict (like…lots of onions)
  • Irish Benedict (corned beef hash, yes please)
  • Sausage Benedict (sausage instead of ham, if you’re into that)
  • Lobster Benedict (if you’re into spending too much money on breakfast!)
  • Crab Cakes Benedict
  • Anything You Can Put Between English Muffins Benedict (are you starting to see that it is what you make it? Get to it!)

I feel like Bubba Gump now, and I’m really hungry. Gotta go make some Eggs B.

Featured image via offthemark