This breakfast bread bowl is the cheesy dream come true that you can actually make

When it comes to preparing breakfast, I prefer to keep it simple. Elaborate breakfasts sound good in theory, but then I snap out of my food prep fantasy because I know damn well I’m lazy AF and the only way I’ll eat a huge breakfast is if it’s prepared by someone else (#sorrynotsorry). Easy stuff like bananas, oatmeal or popsicles for breakfast are more my speed, but this BuzzFeed Video of a yummy-looking breakfast bread bowl proves that simple meals don’t have to be boring.

Before we even get to the recipe, just know that if you’re obsessed with bread and faithfully worship cheese as a food god, then I guarantee you’ll be whipping up bread bowls in no time.

So, you start by slicing the top of some round bread. Then remove the bread from the inside (and eat it because why wouldn’t you?).

Next, drizzle some melted butter over the bread (yummm), the add cheese, a couple slices of cooked bacon and veggies.

Top the whole thing off with an egg:

After wrapping foil around the sides of the bowl (leave the top uncovered,) bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes and you have this wonderful bowl that cannot wait for you to devour it:

Check out the tutorial for this bomb breakfast bowl below. Be warned: you will definitely drool.