Today in dreams come true: You can eat breakfast at Hogwarts!

Whenever we read the Harry Potter books or watch the movies, there’s always one thought running through our heads: Wow, I wish this was real. If only we could summon objects with the flick of a wand or walk through the barrier at Platform 9 3/4. Fortunately, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London gets us pretty close to the real thing.


Last winter they hosted a holiday-themed Dinner in the Great Hall, and this summer they’re treating us to Breakfast at Hogwarts. This is your chance to watch the sun rise over a Hogwarts castle model while enjoying a delicious wizard breakfast.


After you’ve had your fill of canapes, you’ll gain early access to the Studio Tour. What’s more is the Great Hall will be outfitted with the breakfast theme, including Pixie Puffs and Cheeri Owls. Hogwarts staff members will even be there to take a complimentary souvenir photo, so practice your best I-pulled-an-all-nighter-in the-library face.

Tickets are still available, so act fast! And if you don’t live in London, book your ticket NOW! Breakfast at Hogwarts is served on Sunday, August 21st and 28th.

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