Here’s the foolproof way to break in your new shoes this summer

Probably the best part about summer, besides the warm weather and ice cream, is putting together your summer wardrobe. Turtlenecks are swapped for tanks, sweaters for sundresses, and booties for sandals — and so arises the problem we’re all familiar with: breaking them in.

New shoes that you can wear as-is without any kind of pain or blistering are a diamond in the rough, which is especially difficult in summer when your feet are almost always on display. While there’s no way to skip the breaking-in period entirely, there are a few foolproof methods for quickly getting past that awkward period without damaging your feet.

When you’re wearing them:

Bring a comfortable old backup pair. 


The only way to break in new shoes without ruining your feet is to do it a little at a time, maybe walking to work in the new pair but switching to your old pair for the walk home. Or try breaking in your new pair around the house while you do chores.

Wear your new shoes for a few hours, then take them off to see where they’re leaving a mark.


It’ll be pretty obvious.

Cover the problem areas with Compeed blister cushions.


These are thicker than band-aids and don’t come off as easily — plus, you can barely see them, which is a plus when it comes to sandals.

Stick ’em on the hurty parts of your red, swollen feet, and you won’t feel a thing.


When you’re not wearing your new shoes

If you really don’t want to stick out the breaking-in period the normal way, you can speed it up at home by using a hairdryer and thick socks.


While socks and heat may be the last thing you want to think about in the summer, heat helps loosen the material of the shoe, and thick socks make sure it’s extra-stretched. You may feel silly doing it, but it works!



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