We loaf this: A personality quiz that will tell you exactly what type of bread you are

In the immortal words of Oprah Winfrey in her now-infamous Weight Watchers commercial, “I love bread.” And if you’re in the same bread bowl as Oprah, then you’re going to love this bread personality test that’s making its way ’round the Internet. Kelly Blaus tweeted the graphic on September 26th and bread lovers everywhere now (thankfully) have a definitive way to figure out just what type of grainy goodness they are.

While it’s not really a quiz per se, the bread personality test features nine glorious bread variations — white, whole grain, French, croissant, pita, challah, bagel, rolls, and breadsticks — with three different descriptors under each type.

Find the three descriptors that most apply to you and voilà! You officially know the bread that best represents your true identity. (Is this not why the Internet was invented?!?) false

Based on my love of tequila and Neko Atsume (among other factors), I’m solidly between French and pita, but with options ranging from being able to recite all of the lyrics to High School Musical to owning a hamster, there is a bread soulmate out there for everybody.

Even if you can’t eat delicious dough (my sincerest condolences, gluten-free friends), there was probably some point in your life  when you appreciated the merits of one of the most ancient food sources in the world. Seriously, the all-knowing Wikipedia states that bread has “been of importance since the dawn of agriculture,” so whether or not you can consume bread shouldn’t stop you from discovering if you’re a breadstick type of gal. (So that’s why you never respond to my texts!)

After all, no matter what you eat, don’t you think that Oprah would want you to go through life confidently knowing what type of bread you are? Plus, it might make food shopping just a teensy bit easier if your big bakery decisions have already been made for you.

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