BRB just playing this string cover of ‘Shake It Off’ for the rest of the day

Holy strings. Taylor Swift’s new hit, “Shake It Off” was beautifully reworked by a violin/viola-wielding duo from Brooklyn named Chargaux (AKA Charly and Margaux). The gorgeous cover is sung not with voices but with the strings of their instruments and, after you hear the cover, probably your heart your heart as well.

No, the video does not feature an ’80s aerobics routine, but watching these two ladies jam is just as infectious as the original song. Immediately, you’ll notice that these ladies present themselves as artfully as they present their music. Margaux spoke to the importance of their aesthetic in a recent interview with the Huffington Post saying, “Even the way that we dress adds to the visual portion, using our bodies as canvases and having it all connect.”

And connect, it did. While you sit there in awe of their talent, I can almost guarantee that you’ll find yourself making ocean-like movements with your shoulders. Check them out.

Chargaux isn’t the first group to take an instrumental stab at covering the tune. A group called 2 Bass (two basses and a piano, to be specific) also covered the song. As you can imagine, it’s as gorgeous as it is classic. Keep the covers coming, people!

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