This Brazilian artist created Frida Kahlo’s face from clay in the most mesmerizing way

The point of art is to make you feel something, right? Granted, everyone will have their own reaction and interpretation of said art, but we all tend to feel. Well, get ready to feel a whirlwind of emotions as you watch this artist from Brazil create Frida Kahlo’s face — in a clay figurine the size of a thumb.

Artist Fernanda Borges, who makes pieces for the JLS Arts and Crafts store, posted a video of the creation of Frida’s face, from skull to finished piece. And besides the crazy accuracy, we’re more than impressed by how effortlessly Fernanda made this look.

The video starts off with a skull that’s then compared to (proportionally sized) photos of Frida.

The artist fashions Frida Kahlo from clay, effortlessly sculpting to create a realistic face.

She pushes a little here, shaves a little there, adds a touch of paints there, and voila! Yes, it gets creepy when the eyes are placed in the mold, but once the flower crown and unibrow make an appearance, our Frida-loving hearts are put at ease once again. The result is a coin-sized version of Frida Kahlo, complete with red lipstick and gold hoops.

Fernanda has created everything from Jimmy Hendrix to The Beatles, but we’re pretty fond of this Frida. And in case you’re inspired to sculpt your own clay version of the Mexican artist, you can buy everything you need from  JLS Arts and Crafts store.

Happy crafting !