10 Reasons the Bravermans Will Always Be Our Favorite Family

Tonight’s THE Night! Parenthood returns! For all us crazy Braverman fans it’s the best time of the year! 

Warning: If you’ve never seen Parenthood, there are serious spoilers ahead. Although, if you’ve never seen Parenthood, I don’t know why you’d be reading this in the first place. Why haven’t you seen Parenthood? Stop what you’re doing and start watching it on Netflix right now. There’s also a big spoiler that’s revealed in the season six promo, and it’s a good one.

What’s not to love about the Bravermans? They’re generous, caring, and silly, and they’ve carved out a special place in our hearts. After season six, it’ll be time to part ways – but first, one more round of Thursday night cry-fests. As revealed in the promo (spoiler!), a fourth generation of Bravermans is on the way, courtesy of Amber and Ryan. Just about every member and branch of the Braverman family tree has his or her own story to wrap up, too, so it’s going to be a busy year.

This season is about new beginnings and “the cycle of life,” according to the show’s creator Jason Katims. (Remember how Friday Night Lights ended? Same guy. Hi, guest stars.) As we prepare to say goodbye to our favorite clan, here are 10 reasons the Bravermans will always be our favorite TV family.

1. They’re supportive of each other

Adam stood tall next to Kristina during her fight with breast cancer. Amber helps Drew get back on track when he stops going to college classes. Haddie has her ups and downs as a character, but she’s a pretty patient sister to Max. The Bravermans have your back through thick and thin, the good times and the bad, because they understand that’s just what a family does.

2. They’re not afraid to need each other

Remember when Julia was all alone in her big house and ALL of her siblings showed up individually on the same night to check on her and hang out? She wasn’t too cool to need their company. She realized she needed them, and that she was better off for having them around. The Bravermans often seek each other out for help or advice, and it makes them all better people as a result.

3. All the love. . .

With a family tree of 19 and growing (looking at you, great-grandchild), there’s an endless supply of love and support. The Bravermans make it a point to put family first, something I’d really like to get in on.

4. . . .without the judgment

For the most part, the love and support comes judgment-free. Just one family member, trying to help out another one. If you’re lucky, you might even learn something.

5. Life lessons galore.

The Bravermans run the gamut of life experience, which equals an endless supply of life lessons. Just imagine sitting in Zeek and Camille’s (former. . . sniffle, sniffle) backyard, helping Grandpa Zeek work on his truck and hearing the words, “This reminds me of the time. . .” It’s just wonderful.

6. They’re not perfect

We love the Bravermans so much because they’re human. They’re relatable. We see them and say, “I’ve been there. I’ve done that, too! (Please don’t tell anyone.)” They make mistakes and they struggle with real issues just like we do, like illness and war and divorce, and we appreciate them for it. They’re not perfect—they’re people, and their voices are authentic.

7. They always have a place to call home

In five seasons, both Sarah and Crosby (and their families) have lived in the big house with their parents. In the Braverman family, you know you can always go back home if you need to.

8. They aren’t afraid to follow their dreams, even as adults

Kristina had a dream and ran for mayor, and even though she lost, she’s now parlaying that dream into opening a school. Call it following your dreams or call it a mid-life crisis, but Adam and Crosby opened a recording studio. Even Max ran for student body president. The Bravermans go for it no matter which generation they’re from. It’s helpful that a family of dreamers is also a supportive family.

9. Even non-family members are invited to be part of the fun

A Braverman household seems like the type of household where the phrase “Mom, can Susie stay for dinner?” is commonplace. This makes me incredibly jealous, because that never happened in my household, and because I always really, really want to stay for dinner.

10. The family dance parties

Speaking of wanting to be part of the fun: the family that hosts impromptu family dance parties together, stays together.

But the real secret behind what makes the Bravermans so loveable is that they remind us of our own families and that’s the best.

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