Brave Cop Jumps Into A Lake To Save A Drowning Chihuahua

This post was written by Jenny Kutner on The Dodo.

The heroic pool guy who saved a prairie dog from drowning last week is now joined in good company. Over the weekend, David Harriman, a brave police officer in a town outside Boston, dropped his gun and jumped into a lake to save a chihuahua who had gotten submerged under eight feet of water. The dog’s owner, Debra Titus, had somehow gotten her pickup truck trapped in the lake, where her little dog remained stuck and unable to reach the surface.

“We showed up at the water and saw the vehicle was submerged,” Harriman explained to the Boston Herald. “We were told a dog was still in it so I did what I felt I should do — go in and get the dog … Once I got him out of the water, he was breathing … I was getting air and he was getting air.”

Harriman picked up and left immediately after the rescue, as he had to attend to other business. But as soon as he got a chance, he went back to the scene to check in with Titus and her dog — because, he said, that’s what he’d want someone to do for him. “When I went back to the scene, he looked like a little fluff ball,” Harriman said. “We’d all do it. I know it’s something that’s important to us.”