The creator of Bratz dolls has a plan to save Toys “R” Us, and it’s so crazy it just might work

We all grew up as Toys “R” Us kids, which makes the company’s recent bankruptcy news feel almost personal. However, we have some good news: Some locations may remain open…because the company behind Bratz dolls wants to save them.

Isaac Larian, the CEO of MGA Entertainment, has a plan in place to preserve up to 400 Toys “R” Us stores currently facing liquidation. MGA, along with other investors yet unnamed, have raised $200 million to bid for the stores, with more money expected to come from crowdfunding via GoFundMe. Not only does Larian depend on the company to help sell his products (one in five Bratz doll sales happens in a Toys “R” Us, according to CBS News) but Toys “R” Us is credited as one of the reasons he got into the toy industry in the first place.

"If there is no Toys "R" Us, I don't think there is a toy business," Larian said, per USA Today.

While $200 million seems like a nice chunk of change, Larian and his investors are looking for a total of one billion in order to salvage the franchise. After reaching their goal, they’re hoping to keep the iconic brand name alive.

After buying the domain name, Larian linked it to a GoFundMe page where Toys “R” Us kids could lend a hand in meeting the lofty goal. As with all other GoFundMe campaigns, this one offers incentives for donating at certain brackets, and a lot of them include toys from Larian’s brand.

For example, the company also produces popular toys like L.O.L. Surprise! and Num Noms, which you may be familiar with if you have a child at home (or are just still a kid at heart). Donating between $50 and $99 will get you a bumper sticker and a limited edition Num Noms, and anywhere between $100 and $500 will grant you a special edition L.O.L. Surprise!, along with a bumper sticker and a pin. The fact that Larian is giving away toys to save a few stores just show how passionate he is.

"Your donation will help to ensure that generations to come can 'always be a Toys“RUs kid' and save employee jobs that are at stake should the company cease operation," the page reads.

Larian and his investors are hoping to reach their billion dollar goal by Memorial Day, which falls on May 28th this year. We love the fact that they’re taking action to help save such an iconic part of our childhoods.