“Bratz doll makeup” is apparently a thing now, and it’s terrifying

There’s nothing we love more than seeing the incredible things makeup artists come up with on social media, but this latest trend is slightly terrifying. The newest Instagram trend, Bratz doll makeup, is turning people into real-life Bratz dolls, and we’re not sure how to feel.

In case you’re not up on the doll market these days, Bratz are the edgier, more grown-up alternative to the traditional Barbie doll. They wear lots of makeup, have killer accessories (like platform shoes and pleather jackets), and just have more all around attitude. They’re also known for their signature pouty lips.

And now beauty gurus have taken to social media to post Bratz doll makeup tutorials.

It also started with beauty guru Natalie Martinez, who grew up loving the sassy dolls. She told Yahoo Lifestyle that they served as inspo for her over-the-top makeup looks. “When I was younger I always wanted to be a Bratz doll,” she said. “I had all of them and the movies. I always thought Bratz were cooler than Barbie in terms of fashion and makeup; they honestly had a ‘passion for fashion,’ and a lot of girls get inspired by them today still.” false

And now it seems Martinez has inspired an entire Instagram trend of influencers testing out these over-the-top Bratz looks for themselves. There are Bratz dolls makeup tutorials popping up all over YouTube, officially proving that looking like Barbie is so last millennium.


Only time will tell if we’re all going to be walking around like living breathing Bratz dolls, but for now, just admire the level of skill and artistry it takes to create such intricate looks.


Now excuse us while we attempt this lewk for ourselves.

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