The way you put on your bra says a lot about you, apparently

There’s no wrong way put on a bra, and there isn’t only one way either. While we all might think that the way we put on our over the shoulder boulder holders (a great name I just learned —thanks, Internet!) is the only way, in fact, there are many methods to strapping those babies on. It turns out, the way we put on our bras might say more about us than we ever knew.

This is all according to Patti Wood, who is a body language and human behavior specialist. She’s also written a book called Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and CharismaThat’s where bras come in. In an interview with Redbook, Wood explains:

Here’s how it breaks down for Redbook:

1. Your bra clasps in the back, and so do you. If you somehow have the dexterity to reach behind and clasp your bra in the back (you can tell this isn’t my preferred method), then you’re a supporter. You’re traditional and straightforward. You’re somebody your friends can rely on.

2. You clasp in the front and then spin around. Then you’re an influencer, which is a fancy name for people who like to look the part and have their bases covered. You don’t want to risk improperly clasping, so you do all the tricky stuff right where you can see it.

3. You buy bras that clasp in the front. Why fumble around with complicated back-clasps when you can buy a bra that makes it easy? This is what makes you a driver, someone efficient and dedicated. Your bras are high quality because you don’t have time for anything less.

4. You clasp before you even put on your bra. You slither into your already clasped garment because you’re a corrector. Clasping is a one-and-done thing. You do it right so you never have to do it again. It’s not fancy, but it’s accurate.

Over at Buzzfeed, there’s currently a very heated debate going on concerning the “right” way to put on a bra. When given the option of fastening a bra on in the front and turning it around, fastening the clasps on in the back, or doing something else entirely, the former won by 55 percent. That’s right. A little over half of the bra-wearing population fasten the clasps at the front and then turn the bra back around. Which, according to Patti Wood, means 55 percent of us are “influencers.” Huh.

Well, anyway. There’s one method that Wood and Buzzfeed forgot, and that’s no bra at all! Which might just be the best kind of way to wear a bra, IMHO.

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