Brandy and the “Moesha” cast are down for a reboot, and it’s a ’90s TV miracle

People say the ’90s are back, and it’s basically true. But let’s be honest: The ’90s were nothing without Moesha. The good news is that the Moesha cast wants a reboot of their beloved TV show, so a total transformation to the pre-Y2K decade could be imminent.

Brandy is the Queen of the ’90s, what with her incredible music and amazing movie roles. (Never forget that Brandy’s Cinderella is one of the best versions ever.) She’s one of the ’90s girls we wanted to be, and for good reason. She was talented and stylish and so relatable as Moesha Mitchell. It’s really a shame that girls growing up now don’t have more Brandy in their lives. But soon, that could all change.

The entire cast of Moesha reunited on Friday on The Real. And it turns out, they’d pretty much all be down for a reboot! Because as the Cinderella song says, nothing is impossible, and “things are happening every day.”

This Moesha reboot is something that really should happen, because we need it now more than ever. And we’re glad the cast members agree. Brandy got super emotional during their on-stage reunion seeing everyone back together again, saying, “This is just such a great moment, this is beautiful, this is God, this is love, this is everything.”

Tears were shed by almost everyone.

And we mean everyone, because almost the whole cast was together again! The whole crew included Brandy, Ray J, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Shar Jackson, Countess Vaughn, William Allen Young, and Marcus T. Paulk, and seeing them all together again was enough to make any ’90s girl’s heart sing.

The most exciting part of the Moesha cast reunion on the talk show, by far, was when Jeannie Mai asked if they would all sign up for a reboot of the show. As if they were a chorus of angels, they all answered “Yes.”

Brandy even went so far as to argue that a reboot of the show is not optional, either.

"We need to [give] closure to the show because we ended on a cliff," the R&B queen said, citing the show's series finale.

Moesha fans everywhere were probably screaming with glee at their TVs at this point, because who doesn’t want their favorite show to come back and finish things up?

The cast then joked about how Miles, Moesha’s brother played by Paulk, had a fate at the series’ end which demands a follow-up, as he was kidnapped and left with an uncertain future. Actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, who played Moesha’s step-mother, joked, “Poor Miles, Miles is in a trunk on the 405.”

Yeah, a reboot is definitely necessary if for no other reason but for more hilarious quips from Sheryl Lee Ralph.

Watch the magical moment for yourself:

2017 may be troubling for many reasons, but at least there is ’90s nostalgia to get us through and remind us of better times.

Let’s all hope that the Moesha reboot comes ASAP. The cast’s appearance on The Real shows us that they are ready and funnier than ever. Yes, please.

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