Brandy forgets the words to “Formation,” and proves that she’s just like the rest of us

Brandy has definitely made a positive impact on the entertainment industry throughout the years. She’s not only a multi-platinum selling musician, but is also one of the few artists to successfully cross over into film, television, and dare we say it…BROADWAY!

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This past week Brandy was out with her Chicago costars performing karaoke, and getting down to some Beyoncé. But, when it was time for the Grammy award-winning singer to get in Formation, she completely forgot the words!

“OK ladies now let’s get in formation… Oh Lord pleas don’t let that Hive come for me for not knowing all the words… Lol – murked that #Swag tho,” Brandy shared with her Instagram followers.

However, when it was time to “go off” and “go hard,” Brandy hit some Bey inspired choreography which proved that she’s totally obsessed with the epic music video just like the rest of us. Overall, we think Brandy handled the mix-up with style and grace. Because, who else would be able to jump back in Formation without skipping a beat? Unless you’re…you know…Beyoncé!


We’re totally with you, Brandy!

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