Time to freak! There’s some never-before-heard Spice Girls music

On this glorious Wednesday four unreleased, never-before-heard Spice Girls songs suddenly appeared in our lives. I KNOW, RIGHT? Do you think the Spice Girls realized that we were totally dreaming that something like this would happen? Whoever blessed us with these tracks, thank you. And in honor of this gift we will now officially be recognizing every Wednesday as Spice Up Your Life Day.

The four songs were recorded to go onto the Spice Girls’ third, and final CD, Forever but that didn’t happen. The songs are called, “A Day In Your Life,” “If It’s Loving On Your Mind,” “Pain Proof,” and “Right Back At Ya (Pop Version).”

They’re all basically brilliant, and is it too late to get them in for Grammy consideration? “A Day In Your Life” is a ballad that tells you to keep your dreams alive and live every day to its fullest. “If It’s Loving On Your Mind” is kind of reminiscent of “Wannabe,” if only because it’s saying, mess up this lovin’ thing, and I’M OUT. “Pain Proof” is my new anthem about feeling invincible and I’m going to listen to it really loud in the car later.

The last song, “Right Back At Ya” is another version of a song that actually made its way onto Forever. And I, uh, kinda like this unreleased version a lot better. It’s got a lot more pop to it, as the slang-heavy title suggests. The released song has a little bit more of an R&B vibe to it, but this unreleased version sounds straight out of the ’90s and it’s basically perfect, in my Spice Girls opinion.

This is probably the best thing we could have ever hoped to have happen during the middle of the week. So stop (right now, thank you very much) what you’re doing, call all your girlfriends over, and start a dance party ASAP. That’s what we’re going to be doing all afternoon.

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