Brand New’s Jesse Lacey addressed assault allegations against him, but many fans think his apology isn’t gonna cut it

After multiple women came forward accusing the singer of sexual misconduct, Brand New’s Jesse Lacey issued an apology for his behavior on Nov. 12. It all started with a Nov. 9 Facebook thread addressing rumors of Lacey’s past inappropriate relationships with teenage girls. And in doing so, one of Lacey’s alleged victims recounted enduring psychological and emotional abuse at the hands of the singer while she was just 15.

In the post’s comment section, the woman alleged that Lacey “solicited nudes from me starting when I was 15 and he was 24.” She continued, saying that manipulation played a big role in their relationship. And added that he “made it clear that my sexuality was the only thing I had to offer.” According to the woman, who’s about 30 today, the effects of Lacey’s behavior have been severe and lasting. Those effects have included nightmares, panic attacks, and breakdowns. Excuse us while we experience “Uma Thurman responding to sexual misconduct” levels of rage.

In his apology, Lacey did not deny the allegations. In fact, he didn’t mention the individual accounts much at all. Instead, Lacey used his statement to bring light to his own sexual addictions. On one hand, acknowledging the addiction is a positive. But according to a few fan reactions, it seems as though Lacey was using his illness to justify the sexual abuse. His wouldn’t be the first public apology for sexual misconduct to leave others feeling empty. But, like Kevin Spacey’s acknowledgment, it seemed like Lacey was deflecting from the allegations rather than addressing them.

Sexual addictions are serious, but Jesse Lacey may have chosen the wrong time to talk about his.

In the comments preceding Lacey’s apology, one Facebook user wrote, “This reeks of “poor me, I hurt people because I didn’t know how to deal with my emotions.” While another responded with, “You’re a disappointment and you affected young women negatively in so many ways. A statement doesn’t change what you did, especially one that is mostly about you.”

And fans on Twitter didn’t give the singer much slack, either.

Lacey should seek help for his sexual addictions. But, his victims still deserve an actual apology for the damage caused. And hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.

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