Does this scene prove Bran time-traveled back to Ned Stark’s beheading on “Game of Thrones?”

Okay, listen, if Ned Stark’s death during Season 1 of Game of Thrones is a spoiler, you are SIX SEASONS LATE TO THIS PARTY. Spoilers for literally every episode between then and right now.

As you are well aware, Bran Stark is time traveling right now. Fine, he’s not really time traveling, via a DeLorean or anything, but that’s the easiest way to explain it. He’s been hanging out with the Three-Eyed Raven, and he’s been taking him back to important moments in Westeros history, so Bran can learn everything. Bran’s a warg, and can see all sorts of visions.

As we’ve even more recently learned, Bran can actually influence the past. Yeah. It’s probably breaking your brain right now, and that’s understandable.  Bran has already visited the ~iconic~ scene at the Tower of Joy, and while there, called out to his father — AND NED TOTALLY HEARD HIM.


In this week’s episode, “The Door,” he warged into Hodor in both the present, and past, and, in short, turned Hodor into Hodor.

Knowing all of this, it’s time to take this theory a step further and really suggest the end all, be all, of Game of Thrones theories: Bran has been traveling through time, this entire time, going so far back as to Ned Stark’s beheading.

Ned’s beheading is one of those not-fun Game of Throne moments. After Joffrey (ugh, remember him?) declares that Ned has to die, everything erupts into chaos. Ned is clearly trying to processes everything himself, and a hush falls over his mind — we know this because the sound in the episode cuts out, and we’re left to only process Ned ourselves.

Arya had been hiding in the back of the crowd, but after Ned is condemned to death, she rushes towards the stage. In his final moments, Ned looks back at where Arya had been, clearly searching for her. BUT WHAT HAPPENS IF HE HAS ACTUALLY SEEN SOMETHING ELSE? WHAT HAPPENS IF HE SEES BRAN?


As Paste Magazine writer, Shane Ryan, points out, during the episode it appears as if Ned is looking for Arya. In hindsight, he might have just seen Bran. We already know that Bran is able to communicate with his father during these visions. Bran is only getting stronger with his powers (even though he’s also messing everything up) so give it a little bit more time and it’s entirely conceivable that he could not only go back and see his father’s death, but also be there for him. That calm that comes over Ned might not be him processing his life and how it’s going to end; he might be listening to his son FROM THE FUTURE.

Is your brain broken right now? Cool.

This also raises another question: just how many moments in history has Bran (accidentally) influenced? It’s all but proven true that he’s the one that turned the Mad King mad. But what else has he seen? Where else has he BEEN?

BRB, gotta rewatch all of Game of Thrones from the beginning. It’s time to find tiny little moments that could very well be Bran’s doing.

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