“Brainstorm vs. Green Needle” is the new “Yanny vs. Laurel,” but it has a mind-blowing twist

Already tired of the great Yanny vs. Laurel debate? Well, we have good news and bad news. The good news is, Yanny vs. Laurel is officially starting to vanish from your news feed. The bad news is, it’s because there’s a new aural illusion in town that’s making everyone go bonkers all over again. But Brainstorm vs. Green Needle is extra strange.

Unlike with Yanny vs. Laurel, with Brainstorm vs. Green Needle, you can actually control what you hear. When you first listen to the clip, either “Brainstorm” or “Green Needle” will come to you first. But the second you think about the other option, that’s the one that you’ll hear. Surely you’re throwing your hands up in disbelief, but trust us on this — for most people, it really works.

The original clip is from a 2014 YouTube video uploaded by user DosmRider. The video is a review of the Ben 10 Alien Force Ultimate Omnitrix toy set. But when Tomango uploaded a clip to Twitter on May 17th — over four years later — it quickly went viral. We bet DosmRider had no idea that his review would become a viral sensation.

Give Brainstorm vs. Green Needle a listen.

We have a feeling it’ll be circulating around your office all day.

As expected, the tweet blew up, and everyone rushed in to give their opinions. Some were hilarious.

And some were worrisome, since not everyone could hear both.

Others got right to the point.

If you can’t use your mind to control whether you hear Brainstorm or Green Needle, don’t worry. You’re probably not alone. If Yanny and Laurel taught us anything, it’s that we all process things a little differently.

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