Braids with beads are the summer mood, so we’ve rounded up our fave looks for inspiration

Nothing says summertime like a fresh set of braids. It would be crazy to say cornrows are “back” — they’ve been around since forever and have never, ever fallen off. What is happening right now is an adornment. Break out the beads, shells, cuffs, strings: this summer it’s all about hair being your boldest accessory.

These aren’t exactly the braids with beads you probably had as a kid (although we totally wouldn’t judge you for going that route. Lil’ Yachty pulls it off extremely well.) This summer’s braids with beads are sultry, regal, and totally ’70s-inspired.

Time to bombard your favorite braider with inspo photos.

How about an updo with wooden beads?

Nigerian cowrie shells ftw.

The center braid with a charm is a must.

Three words — more is more.

Not ready to commit? Start with a braid wig like this one by Its a Wig (available at Sam’s Beauty for $69.99) and add whatever beads you may have laying around. It’s a quicker alternative than sitting through hours of braiding, and when you’re ready to try something else, you won’t have to spend hours removing the braids.

Get ready to serve up the most fly (and probably loudest) hair flips of all time.

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