Aw, Jimmy Kimmel and Bradley Cooper shared an old-school photo we’re just loving

Stars have embarrassing old photos just like us, but unlike us, they get sneak-attack #TBT-ed on live television. Which is good, because this vintage picture that Jimmy Kimmel found of himself, Bradley Cooper, and Dax Shepard is amazing, and needs to be shared with the world.

Bradley Cooper went on the show last night to talk about his new movie Burnt, and also reminisce about the past. Over ten years ago, both Cooper and Kimmel began working on their own ABC shows, and were unsure if it all would last (Cooper was on Alias, FYI). Looking back on a time when these wildly successful humans were still busting their chops to prove themselves is really sweet and, of course, because of Kimmel, hilarious.

This could not be more clear when you see the photo that Jimmy whips out. The three men in the picture (Jimmy, Bradley, and Dax) are playing scrabble, and could not look less like stars. In fact, they look pretty bedraggled. “You want to talk about fun guys,” Kimmel comments. “We seem very depressed.”

These photos are good reminders of just how much things change, and give perspective on the lives of people who can seem more like perfect, shining idols rather than real people. But real people play scrabble, dammit, and real people can do awesome things.

The next time you find yourself in a game of Twister or getting angry at the Monopoly board, be sure to show the camera your good side—when you get famous, it could end up on TV someday.

(Image via YouTube)