Here are all of the best reactions to Brad Pitt wearing a name tag at the Oscars luncheon

Brad Pitt has been the proud owner of one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood since, uh, forever. But that doesn’t mean Pitt simply assumes that everyone knows who he is, even though literally everyone does. Pitt, the humblest of kings, attended a 2020 Oscars event with a ~name tag~ pinned on his lapel because…because…? We suppose he did so because he was simply asked to, but it’s great nonetheless.

When Pitt and other nominees arrived at the 2020 Oscars Nominees Luncheon at the Dolby Theatre on Monday, January 27th, each attendee was asked if they’d wear a badge with their nomination printed under their name. Probably in order to lessen the inevitable networking awkwardness. Many famous faces—like directors Greta Gerwig and Taika Watiti, and actors Florence Pugh and Cynthia Erivo—opted out of wearing the seemingly unnecessary accessory.

Pitt on the other hand, whose tag read, “Brad Pitt. Actor in a Supporting Role, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood,” figured, “hey, the pin was made. I might as well wear it.”

Let it be known, as top-tier, A-list famous as Pitt is, he’s not about to pull the whole, “You don’t know who I am?” trick.

When photos of Pitt with his name tag hit the internet, Twitter couldn’t quite handle the hilarity of Brad Pitt, two-time winner of People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” four-time Best Actor Oscar nominee, the “Bra” in “Brangelina,” wearing a name tag.

Give him the Oscar for this performance ALONE.

We really hope someone messed with him. The setup is too good for a punchline not to happen.

Sure enough, #BradPittsNameTag started trending on Twitter.

We didn’t have to wait long for the above to happen. By January 28th, the thing had its own Twitter account.

@BradPittNameTag is now an account that edits Brad Pitt wearing his name tag into famous movie scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio, and TBH, we’re laughing way too hard at this.

The lesson we learned from Brad Pitt wearing a name tag?

All we can say is…And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor goes to Brad Pitt’s name tag. Congratulations.

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