We can’t believe nobody ever noticed this “Friends” continuity error with Brad Pitt

There’s very little that hits the intersection of super satisfying and unreasonably annoying so well as finding a continuity error in a television show or movie, which is why we’re SO surprised that nobody spotted the Brad Pitt continuity error in Friends until now. Especially considering Brad Pitt has a cameo in a Thanksgiving episode, which is inevitably replayed by millions every year, we’re stunned that we never noticed before. Ready to have your mind blown? Let’s talk this through.

1. When Brad Pitt arrives, he brings a pie. Monica declares it too healthy to keep, and says to throw it away.


2. Despite declaring it too healthy, she puts it on the table anyway.


3. There’s a wide shot later showing the table, but Brad Pitt’s pie has ~disappeared.~


Not sure if somebody threw it out after the fact, or if maybe it was eaten off screen, but we prefer to think that it’s a gaffe and we’re all suuuuper clever for spotting it (and also a little silly for not spotting it before now.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZz8-IssQfE

We also have a lot of questions about this episode, though — like why Monica would deny a pie Brad Pitt baked for her. If Brad Pitt shows up at your party with baked goods, you say thank you for both the pie and his presence, right?

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