Bracelet nails are here for summer and they’re simple perfection

Remember in summer camp when you would spend hours making customized string bracelets to share with your friends? Well now, you can wear a little of that playful nostalgia beautifully on your nails thanks to this delightful new nail art trend: bracelet nails.

The beauty website, Byrdie, spoke with Unistella, the South Korean salon who originated the trend. The nail artist who originated the idea (Eun Kyung Park) said, “She was inspired by friendship bracelets and a little bit of fun.”

And fun they are! Bracelet nails are totally unique, absolutely beautiful, and so amazingly detailed. In short, we’re obsessed with them.

Using real string, real decals, and real beads, salons that are able to do this specialty nail art really create a 3D manicure masterpiece. Not surprisingly, it can take a long time before the final product is ready. But that’s a small price to pay for such a gorgeous result.

You can either display them proudly on your hands for some stringy sass or you can have them on your toes as a hidden surprise to make your pedicure stand out that much more.

It’s awesome to have such a playful nail art trend that can be interpreted so many different ways. You can do a full hand of bracelet nails, you can just have accent nails, you can have color behind, leave them nude, or any combination of anything in between.

Needless to say, we’ll for sure be all stringed up this summer!

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