I tried a bra sizing app, and I’m honestly still weirded out that it worked

Let’s be honest: Bra shopping can be weird. Even as adults, who may have been doing this for 10, 15, 20 plus years, it’s weird. The idea of going into a store to ask some woman, a stranger, to measure your bust is WEIRD. Even if you love and embrace all your curves, it’s WEIRD, OKAY? So hearing about an app that can magically measure tell you your bra size after a few pictures sounds amazing, right? We had to try it out.

The app, ThirdLove

ThirdLove, “uses patented computer vision technology to analyze body size in relation to the iPhone’s dimensions, immediately presenting the user with her correct bra size.”

OR, in simpler terms, ThirdLove takes a bunch of pictures of your chest, and then uses an in-app measuring tool to figure out your size.

Using the app



The instructions are simple: wearing either your bra or a form-fitting tank top, stand in front of a mirror and position your phone as it shows you on the app. It sounds easy, but it’s a little tricky. The camera has to be JUST RIGHT for it to take the picture, and getting into that position can take a little wiggling. At least the app guides you to the correct spot, and once it’s there, your phone will vibrate. It then automatically takes the picture.

Yes, it’s weird taking a picture of yourself in your underwear in front of a big mirror (don’t worry  — the app doesn’t save the pictures to your phone. Also, yes, I put on leggings and a t-shirt for this demonstration, because I’m PRETTY SURE it’s a bad idea to take pictures of myself in my bra and underwear and post them to the internet).

This is what it looks like. Feel free to make the same kind of face I did while doing it.


The app then asks you to maneuver the outline of your phone into a dotted box, and gives you a guiding line, which is basically a digital tape measure.  You’ve got to position the line directly over your chest and your underwire. This is what it will use to determine your ~true~ size, via a fancy bra algorithm.


(Also it’s a pink line not a blue line and that threw me off)

The results


The app gave me my current bra size, 34B. I was like, “Oh hey, it works!” and then another lovely HG lady reminded me that when I first signed up for the app, I had to punch in my current bra size. So does the app already know what I should be, or is it actually measuring me?

The bra

Oh, I forgot to mention that then ThirdLove wants to sell you one of their bras, and full disclosure, they sent me one. ThirdLove offers a “half cup” size, and in all my bra shopping days, I’ve never come across a half size. I decided to try out this mythical “half cup” size, because in my mind, it sounded like some type of bra-like unicorn. What is a half size, and is it actually better? I know it’s a thing to be “in-between” jean sizes, so I guess it’s a thing to be “in-between” cup sizes, too. I ordered a 34B 1/2 size.

And full disclosure once again: I honestly feel like this is a MUCH better fit than a regular cup size. Who knew a half size was the way to go? The only thing is, finding a half cup sized bra is just as rare as a unicorn. One other HG lady commented, “I have a sneaking suspicion they might be the only company in the world to sell that size.”

From what I can tell, while there aren’t the only ones, there aren’t a lot of other options.


The measurement from the app + the specific ThirdLove bras for your size = one ridiculously comfy bra. I measure a good bra by one simple fact: Do I forget I’m completely wearing it? With this ThirdLove bra, I have.

The only thing is… by going to a half size, I’m never going to find this size bra anywhere else other than ThirdLove. Places like Target and Victoria’s Secret do not offer half cup options, and now it feels like if I want to be comfortable in the chest region for the rest of my life, I have to stick with ThirdLove. That might get costly, because the bras run around $60 a piece. But maybe buying one GOOD bra is better than buying three CHEAP bras.

While my size stayed the same, I wonder if others, using the app to truly determine their size, will be able to translate their measurement into the real world. Even after learning your size from ThirdLove, you’re probably going to want to head to the store and try out a couple before you make a purchase — unless you buy them right from the ThirdLove site.

Bottom line: if you feel like you’re wearing the wrong bra size, or just want to get measured again, ThirdLove is a good place to start. No more awkwardly talking to the ladies in the bra fitting rooms! Unless you enjoy doing that, then go for it!

Update: This app is no longer available.