A very good boyfriend took his girlfriend to meet Britney Spears…so he could propose!

We bet that Britney Spears superfan Courtney is feeling super “Lucky” after experiencing the proposal of her dreams.

It all started with a meet-and-greet on April 13 when Courtney and her very thoughtful boyfriend met the music superstar at the site of her Las Vegas resident show, Piece of Me!  When the couple was invited up to meet Britney, it meant nearly a year and a half of preparation was finally coming to fruition. According to an interview with fansite Britney-Galaxy, the boyfriend, who preferred not to give his name, had spent more than a year getting in contact with Britney’s managers to arrange the proposal. “My contact reached out to all of Britney’s managers and they were on-board and basically said ‘this has to happen,’” he told the site.

So with a wink from Britney to signal she was ready, he got down on one knee in front of Courtney and said, “So I’m asking you in front of our friend Britney here. Will you be my wife forever?”

In her shock and excitement, Courtney managed to get out the word yes and he slipped a ring on her finger.

Throughout the touching moment, Brit looks on, beaming with sheer joy.

In his Britney Galaxy interview, the happy newly engaged man also explained how the pop star was responsible for an early solidification of their romance. Nine years earlier, he got them tickets to a Britney Spears show, where the star actually brought him on stage and gave him a lap dance as part of her performance. For Courtney, the rest was history. “I believe she may have fallen for me because of all that,” the boyfriend told Britney-Galaxy.

Now our only question is: Will Brit be at the wedding?

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