Best boyfriend ever surprises girlfriend with a perfect Nimbus 2000

Drumroll, please, because we’re about to crown the Best Boyfriend of 2015. He might even be the Best Boyfriend of 2016, since what he’s done is that darn impressive. What do you get your Harry Potter-loving girlfriend who already has everything Harry Potter? Simple. You make her a Nimbus 2000.

Or, not simple, because it means crafting the fictional broomstick from scratch, and there aren’t exactly any real life Nimbus 2000 to study. But Best Boyfriend Jared Weissman did just that.

Jared and his girlfriend, Shelby Stein, have been together for five years. Both are Harry Potter fans, but Shelby is a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and told that her room is “slowly turning into a harry Potter fan cave.”

In her fan cave, Shelby already has a Hogwarts acceptance letter, Tom Riddles’ diary, Gringotts coins, Hermione’s time turner, a replica Sorcerer’s Stone, seven wands, the Triwizard Cup, framed posters from the movies, and Ron’s Howler (that actually screams!). Quickly running out of things to gift his GF, Jared, a civil engineer major, decided to make her something she couldn’t buy. In flies the Nimbus 2000 (OK, not actually a flying toy, but we can dream).

The broom was made over the course of three weeks, using a piece of wood that Jared cut and sanded himself. He used basket reed for the broom’s bristles, and then finished the whole thing off with a mahogany stain. And don’t forget the hand-painted gold Nimbus 2000 on the handle! He even wrapped it in brown parchment paper, just like the broom was delivered to Harry in the Great Hall.

“I could tell what it was from the shape of it, and I remember being so excited and even cried!” Shelby explained. US TOO, SHELBY, US TOO.

Shelby posted a few pictures of the magnificent broom to Facebook, and you can check those out below. Now we’re feeling serious #HarryPotterGiftGoals for 2016.

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