This girl’s boyfriend just can’t understand her hair color and it’s hilarious

Anybody who’s ever colored their hair knows that what’s on the box isn’t necessarily what will end up on your head. While there are certain things you can account for (your natural hair color or, if you bleached it, the level of lightness achieved), when the color actually goes on, it can take on a life of its own.

Case in point: Vlogger Sabrina Abu-Obeid has purple hair. Wait, actually, it’s kind of a blue? Or, maybe it’s actually more of a pink? Her boyfriend couldn’t figure it out, and recorded a video of Abu-Obeid’s hair “changing” color so she could take a look at the witchcraft in action:

As someone who knows a thing or two about dyeing hair, there are a couple of things the changing color could be due to. Different kinds of light sources and types; if Abu-Obeid’s hair was dyed on top of a different color; the composite materials in her dyes of choice. While the effect might not be actual magic, there’s no denying that the color, whatever it “truly” is, is absolutely magical on her.

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