This Boy Meets World debate about Cory’s backyard is tearing the internet apart

If you’re a Boy Meets World fan, you might want to sit down for this one. A fan of the show recently tweeted a question concerning a pretty big part of the series “mythology,” and things became so heated that even Topanga and big brother Eric got involved. And it all had to do with Feeny’s yard.

All fans know that Mr. Feeny, beloved school teacher, lived super close to the Matthews family. It’s part of the reason he had such a special bond with Cory and Eric. However, was Feeny’s house located next to the Matthews’ house, or behind it? Kyle Simpson, a mega-fan, initially posed the question on Instagram and received a literal 50/50 response. So on May 8th he expanded his sample size, sending the below tweet out into the world.

Will Friedle, who played Eric, chimed in with his two cents, saying he firmly believed it was 100% the side door.

But then he changed his mind after pulling out a script…which specifically said “backyard.”

Not everyone agreed. Some fans even sketched out the house. false false false

Topanga, aka Danielle Fishel, also jumped in.

However, some fans were quick to point out that certain dialogue no longer makes sense if that were the case.

Regardless of whether it’s the side yard or the backyard, let’s not forget what’s important: The Matthews were just lucky to have wise Mr. Feeny so close by.

Now (because we obviously have to ask), what are your thoughts? Backyard or side?

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