‘Boy Meets World’ characters who need to show their faces on ‘Girl Meets World’

The ever-growing Boy Meets World reunion tour continues on Girl Meets World — and we’re not complaining. Shawn Hunter’s one true love, Angela is returning to an upcoming episode and we couldn’t be more excited. Everything about Angela was great, and it’s still kind of heart breaking to think about the fact that she and Shawn broke up right before the end of the series (they were perfect together, and they both knew it!). Hopefully, this reunion is just the first step to their big reconciliation, and then we can have a giant Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World wedding episode? Remember how Cory and Topanga’s wedding went down? I’d be up for another round of that.

Don’t worry about Girl Meets World quickly blowing through all of the best characters from Boy Meets World, though. Considering the show spanned seven seasons, there are all sorts of highly memorable characters that NEED to show up on Girl Meets World sooner or later. Some suggestions below:

Griff Hawkins

Sorry! I’m never going to NOT push for Adam Scott to show up on an episode of Girl Meets World. He was a bully back in high school, but hopefully he’s changed his ways by now.

Eli Williams

It seemed as if Mr. Feeny was often the only teacher at John Adam’s High. But there were actually others, too. We all remember Mr. Turner fondly, but what about his teacher friend, Eli? Whatever happened to him?

Topanga’s Parents, Jedidiah and Rhiannon

It’s time for a giant reunion, and for the grandparents to come along, too. Whatever happened to Topanga’s parents, anyway? Basically, this would be an attempt to get Marcia Cross back on television — she played the second version of Topanga’s mom.


Corinna was introduced as a folksy singer — who then got mad at Eric and sang a great Alanis Morissette-like ballad about him called “Shallow Boy.” I like to think she’s still recording songs somewhere right now.

Jessica, Mr. Feeny’s Niece

Keri Russell and all her beautiful, curly-haired glory once stopped by Boy Meets World, and Eric was immediately smitten. Bring her back.

Jennifer Love Fefferman

Back in the day, JLH was a huge teen actor and happened to be dating Eric IRL, so of course she stopped by the Halloween episode of the show. The episode was also a parody of teen horror movies SO, obviously this idea needs to be updated, and JLH can come along, too.


The new generation of kids watching Girl Meets World need to learn what it’s like when your favorite TV couple breaks up because of LAUREN. (Even though we have so much love and respect for Linda Cardellini. But she still has to answer for what she did — breaking up Cory and Topanga)

Plays With Squirrels

Considering the fact that Will Friedle has Plays with Squirrels as his Twitter avatar, you know he’s just itching to put on that long robe again and bestow wisdom upon the land.

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