The amazing way a young boy stood up to a homophobic preacher

A young bagpipe-playing boy is our new hero, after standing up against a homophobic rant with the power of music. It all started when a preacher began spreading his hate-filled ideas through a megaphone on a crowded street in Scotland. According to a local blog in Scotland, the preacher was spewing his ideas about how gay marriage has ruined the economy. And since gay marriage has in fact, not, ruined the economy, and since, according to bystanders, the preacher’s aggressiveness was “ruining the atmosphere on lovely sunny day in town,” a young boy decided to do something about it.

The boy started playing Scotland The Brave on his bagpipes directly in front of the preacher, and it was truly magical. A video of what went down was posted by Lachie Blair on the Overheard in St. Andrews Facebook page. Just as the boy made his point, the police showed up to have a chat with the preacher, and the timing was absolutely spot-on.

The Scottish boy isn’t the only kid who has been captured on video standing up against homophobia. Remember this little girl who also stood up to a homophobic preacher earlier this summer? Kids know what’s up and they’re definitely not afraid to show it.

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Badass little girl takes a stand against homophobia

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