This inspirational little boy spent years being bullied while he supported a cause he believed in

When Christian McPhilamy was six, his dream wasn’t to go to Disney World or to get a pony, it was to donate his hair to make wigs for children being treated for cancer.

So noble, right? It was after seeing a commercial for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital that he got the idea. He saw that there were children less fortunate than he, and wanted to do something about it. So he spent two and half a years growing out his hair until it was long enough (that is, ten inches) to be donated to Children With Hair Loss.

As amazing as that sounds, some of his classmates weren’t as supportive. “Some people tried to call me a girl,” he told Florida Today. You can brush that off as just the other kids being too young to understand, but even adults encouraged him to give up and get it chopped. While this didn’t make him feel good, it didn’t stop Christian from pursuing his goal.

Usually, once Christian explained what he was doing, people were more understanding. But nobody should have to explain how they choose to express themselves. Luckily, Christian’s way of doing that had the added bonus of helping those in need!

And now, he’s done it. His parents split and cut his hair into four ten-inch sections that are now off to make another child feel good.

We could all do with taking a leaf out of Christian’s book, but also, finding out what conditioner he uses…is it just me or is his hair gorgeous?

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