This 11-year-old boy flawlessly lip syncing to Lady Gaga is going viral, and Gaga herself responded

Another day, another viral internet moment–except this one is just about the purest, most joyous one you’ll ever see. After a short clip of a boy saying goodbye to his friends via Twitter went viral (because it was adorable), many on the internet were dying to know more about who the boy was. It turns out, he’s one of Lady Gaga’s biggest fans, and the 20-second vid was just a short clip from an extended lip-sync video he filmed to “Telephone.”

In the initial video, the boy, identified as 11-year-old Staten Harry, is heard saying, “I love you, bye! Grant, Allie, Jack, Zach and Bri, I love you! Put those paws up high! Peace out, babies! I love you! Love beats hate and be kind to one another and be kind to yourself! Bye!”

If you’re a Gaga fan, then Staten’s status as a Little Monster is likely 100% clear to you by now (“put your paws up” is a signature Gaga catch phrase, after all). But just in case you needed more convincing, take a look at the below routine—choreography included. false

MTV’s TRL caught up with Staten after the video gained traction and asked him to share what Lady Gaga means to him. Grab the tissues, because this one’s a doozy:

"She inspires me to always be myself, be kind to myself and others, and to always stay positive, and always love no matter who or what you love that love is truly love," he said. "And she inspires me to be strong and stay strong no matter what life throws at you!!!!. My paws will always be up FOREVER! Love Always Beats Hate!!"

Since going viral, Staten has also posted other videos on his Twitter account, one of which Mother Monster herself noticed.

So, can we expect a duet sometime soon?

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