This gender-free “boy band” in China is made up of only girls

When you think of “boy band,” you’re probably thinking of acts like ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. But China is changing the definition around a bit. In fact, one of their biggest acts is a gender-neutral “boy band” that consists of girls. And fans are loving them.

The band is called Acrush, and the women involved are mostly in their early twenties. They erupted on the social platform Weibo, where fans can’t get enough of their style.

The band actually performed at a “Husband Exhibition,” which is somewhat what it sounds like — an event compiled of male talent that are so dreamy, that the ladies in China will visit to scope out their next fantasy mate. So, in other words, “Crush-a-palooza.”

In the words of their agent, Zhou Xiaobai, Acrush is “A group advocating freedom, not bounded by frames.” And we’re totally digging that.

Zhou actually recruited the band last March, after realizing that an androgynous, gender-neutral band would be in high demand. From casting, he found his five stars — An Junxi, Lu Keran, Min Junqian, Peng Xichen, and Lin Fan.

According to an interview that Zhou did with, most of Acrush’s fans are female. And the fans, in Zhou’s eyes, are the key to success.

"I ask them to reply every WeChat and Weibo message, says Zhou. "They need to show gratitude [to fans]."

We’re definitely intrigued — especially since the band itself refuses to use pronouns. Instead of “he” or “she,” band members are referred to as “meishaonian,” which — according to Zhou — means “handsome youths.”

Curious in hearing some tunes? So are we. The band is scheduled to release their first music video at the end of April. We have a feeling that their fanbase is going to grow even greater afterward.