Boxing Up Day is almost here, aka the best day to sell your unwanted Christmas presents online

If you’re looking at the gifts you received for Christmas and thinking, This was incredibly kind but not remotely to my taste, have no fear. Apparently, the best day to resell your unwanted Christmas gifts is Boxing Up Day, aka December 29th. It’s worth noting that Boxing Up Day is not to be confused with Boxing Day, a bank holiday in the U.K. that comes directly after Christmas and has nothing to do with reselling gifts.

According to data collected last year by eBay, approximately 79 million gifts will be resold between Christmas and New Years. Why? Partly because people want to surround themselves with things that make them feel like they’re going to stick to their New Year’s Resolutions. (Trading clothes for, like, a yoga ball, or something.) It’s also likely that people look to recoup some of the cash they shelled out a liiiiittle too generously to get gifts for other people.

The post-Christmas reselling trend is so strong that the U.K. officially low-key deemed December 29th Boxing Up Day. So, is there anything you were really hoping to get your hands on this holiday season but didn’t manage to find? Or do you feel like you need to do some end-of-year cleaning to achieve the ideal, relaxed minimalist aesthetic going into 2018? Boxing Up Day might be a good time to check in on eBay.

So, what’s the optimal time to list your items?

The best time to resell gifts on eBay is on December 29th between 9 and 10 pm (London time, so mid-afternoon in the U.S.), according to this press release. During that time, there’s reportedly one search every eight seconds on the site.

What items do people sell the most on Boxing Up Day?

Things like DVDs, home decor, smartphones, furniture, purses, appliances, shoes, and fragrances are the most popular. Looking to get any of those items off your hands? Now’s the time to take your super #aesthetic sales pictures and get your eBay listings ready. Boxing Up Day is almost here!

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