A professional boxer kissed a female reporter—on camera, without her consent—and people are rightfully outraged

Reporter Jennifer Ravalo interviewed Bulgarian heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev on Saturday night, March 23rd, after he beat Bogdan Dinu in a Las Vegas match. But during the seemingly innocuous interview, Puley grabbed Ravalo by the face and kissed her on the mouth. The entire thing was caught on camera (and it’s highly uncomfortable to watch—to say the least).

Ravalo, who works for Vegas Sports Daily, was left stunned. She uttered “Jesus Christ” before the camera cuts out.

The video quickly circulated around the internet, racking up over 500,000 views on YouTube and over 200,000 views on Twitter in just three days. And—infuriatingly—many who shared the video or left a comment didn’t seem to find anything wrong with what Pulev did (some even applauded his actions). “Interview with happy ending. Thats what I am talking about,” one YouTube user replied.

"I see nothing wrong," another person wrote, "she's very flirty."


Ravalo herself has since said that the moment was “‘Lil embarrassing,” and “strange.”

Thankfully, many on Twitter are not having it. false

Some are even calling on Ravalo to take legal action.

Pulev has yet to respond to the incident, and Ravalo has not commented further. Clearly, someone didn’t get the Time’s Up memo.

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