The David Bowie performance every single person should see

Almost one decade ago, the people in the audience of New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom for Keep a Child Alive’s annual Black Ball fundraiser had no idea that they were witnessing a piece of history.

That day — November 9th, 2006 — David Bowie gifted the crowd with an electrifying, amazing rendition of “Wild is the Wind,” “Fantastic Voyage,” and “Changes,” which he sang with Alicia Keys. And while it was excellent, as all of his live performances always were, this one was extra special, the one that everyone should see . . . because it was his last.

After his heart attack in 2004, David Bowie’s performances became increasingly infrequent, up until his last one in 2006. Since then, he had only mentioned performing once more in 2007 at an event that was later canceled, and in October of 2015, it was confirmed that he had retired from touring.

“David [Bowie] is one of the best artists I’ve ever worked with,” his booking agent, John Giddings, said then. “But every time I see him now, before I even speak to him, he goes, I’m not touring and I say, I’m not asking.”

We kept hoping that David would change his mind. Why would he mysteriously close that chapter of his life when he had so many adoring fans who were longing to see one of the most influential musicians in all of history perform on the big stage? And now, we know why.

Watch this moment in history for yourself. Rest in peace, David Bowie, and thank you for gracing the world with your magic music.

Image via YouTube.