Bow down to this Beyoncé-themed “Bey-Bey” shower

Some co-worker relationships are purely professional — you work with these people, but maybe you don’t actually hang out with them. But some co-workers go above and beyond the call of duty for each other. And that’s what happened to a very lucky pregnant lady when her office threw her a Beyoncé-themed baby shower.

What do you call a Beyoncé-themed baby shower? A Bey-Bey shower! Best. Co-workers. Ever.

This shower was inspired by Beyoncé and her twins, and it had everything: a card that reads, “Congrats on your Bey-Beys!” Instagram-ready signs that say, “Boy Bye” and “#SLAY.” A donut platter that says, “OK babies now let’s get in formation.” And for the piece de resistance, the party helped their co-worker reenact Beyoncé’s iconic baby bump picture.

Prepare yourselves for this feat.

This magical event happened at Humanscale, a design firm in New York. Riley, who posted the photos of her coworker Katie’s shower, talked to Mashable about how the shower came together.

"We found out Katie was pregnant with twins and she's a huge Beyoncé fan. We're a fairly small marketing team full of creative people, so we all put our heads together and planned the shower in about a week. She was so surprised and we all had a great time."

Everyone on Twitter immediately started freaking out.

People want to copy this Bey-Bey shower ASAP.

And the best part is that it wouldn’t actually be too expensive to recreate. Riley tweeted that putting it together wasn’t hard on the wallet.

BRB, we are jotting this down for future baby showers. Meanwhile, we so hope Queen Bey has seen the magic she has inspired. Katie’s future babies are very, very lucky — and will hopefully be born ready to slay.

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